Hello, I'm Arthur Guiot, I created DisplayJS not that long ago, and I figured out that I couldn't find an easy to setup testing framework. So, I wanted to create my own, and here it is. EyeJS is easy to setup, and has some unique features, such as the ability to test your project right in a browser, which make it adapted to real world test.


We recommend using node 8, but you still can run EyeJS on node lts.

You can quickly install a supported version of node with your favorite version manager:


EyeJS have two test modes: the node mode, which run tests in a simple node environment, as Jest or Mocha would do.
And, our unique feature, which is the browser mode. It will tell your browser to do the tests.


EyeJS have a pretty straight forward syntax, which make it easy to use. Here is a demo:



Where other testing frameworks (such as Jest) are pretty slow, EyeJS can do your tests under milliseconds


EyeJS is made for the real world, so yes, other framework like Jest (yes, I'm comparing with Jest because it's the only one I know 😊), will have a richer API on the paper, but can you run node based and broswer based tests using the same command with them?
EyeJS is focusing on the essential, if you need more complex functions, no one will stop 🛑 you from going on GitHub, forking the project and add more functions 😊.


EyeJS, and other testing frameworks are easy to "setup". But, we all know that setup means setup + learn, that's why EyeJS is easy to learn and to use.


EyeJS is designed for teams or hobbyist with ambition, it has some unique features that makes it more than a simple framework, it's your second pair of eyes!


If you have any doubt, just create a new issue. But normally, everything should be in the docs.
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